Monday, December 29, 2014

Cambios y Navidad

Hello, happy people! 

This week has been, well, basically the best. 

Christmas in the mission field.. There are no words. It was honestly my favorite Christmas. I can't imagine feeling more loved, more full of love, or more happiness than I felt this year. That is how good it is. :) I'm so stoked that I'll get to have another one. We got to have a District Meeting on Christmas, and it was so much fun. Elder Morales made us sweet tamales. And they were pretty darn delicious. But it was great to be with the wonderful Zuni District for Christmas. I love those 7 missionaries so much. 

I hope that you all had a most wonderful Christmas and that you all had good experiences with the Share the Gift initiative. We sure did. Getting to share the message of Jesus Christ at Christmas time is the best. :) Really. No words. 

We have transfers tomorrow! So crazy. I've already been in the field for two transfers. I can't. Time is going SO fast. Anyway. Literally half of my district is being transferred -- all 8 of us will be getting a new companion tomorrow. Sister Arnold is leaving me, and I'll be taking over the area. And then Sister Adair, Elder Morales, and Elder Marin are all leaving.'s going to be so weird this transfer. Our district is going to be so different. But I'm really excited! 

So, I was going to overload you all with pictures today...but we're in the library, and we have a time limit here. (we were all so bummed that the Family History Center was closed. The library is nasty.) So. I'll picture overload next week. :) 

One of our less active members told us this week that her goal is to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. Which was super awesome to hear. 

So here is what I propose! As a missionary, my purpose is to invite others to come closer to Christ. And I would like to invite everyone to find some way that they can dedicate this new year to coming closer to Christ! You can do it by reading the Book of Mormon. Or going out with the missionaries (but really. Go out with the missionaries. A lot. Please.) Or studying Preach My Gospel. Studying Christlike attributes and trying to develop them. I can promise you that as you dedicate this year to coming closer to Christ, that you will feel His influence more powerfully in your life, your testimony will grow, and your relationship with our Savior will become so much better and more personal. 

I love you all! I pray for you always. 

Con mucho mas amor que palabras pueden decir, 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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