Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Great Week

Mis queridos amigos y familia,
Siempre espero que todo esta bien. :) Todo esta bien en Colorado. En verdad, Denver es mi amor. Me encanta la gente aqui. Este oportunidad que tengo ser una misionera es la mejor.
This week was a really great week! Which was grand, because we really thought it was going to be a rough week. But it's been our best week of the transfer!
On Wednesday we got to go to the temple! The first Wednesdays of the month are the best on the Metro-side of the CDSM. So that was really, really great. Also, I think the Denver temple is super pretty. I love it so much!
This week, we did a lot of service! We had a huge Christmas concert in the stake center on Friday, so all week was busy spent handing out fliers and setting up everything. But we got to go to the concert on Friday, and it was so beautiful! There were so many people and the music was top notch. And it made me really, really miss being in a choir. Or really, just singing in general. But, it was so great. The spirit was so strong!
We did so much tracting this week. (Because basically all of our investigators are doing their annual flock to Mexico.) Tracting is always...interesting. You get to meet a ton of people! And sometimes it's a lot of fun! And sometimes, it's really hard. Mostly though, this week was great tracting. We met a lot of really beautiful people!
Missionary work is the weirdest thing. If you really think about a mission, and what we do, it's so crazy. It's really no wonder everyone is always so surprised. Sister Arnold and I talk a lot about the weirdest parts of a mission, and how it's going to be so weird/hard to go back to normal life. (She just hit her year mark and she's starting to freak out.) We leave our families for 18 months or 2 years. We write our families and our friends once a week. We don't watch movies or TV. We don't read normal books. We have limits put on our music. We only get to drive so many miles a week. Our schedule is always so packed. We go teach strangers about what we believe. And we're so young. I think that's probably the craziest part. We're so young and we do all of this. How could the message we share not be true? Why would we do all of the things we do if it weren't true? Why would we let ourselves go through all of the hardships that come with being a missionary? The only reason that could ever make any sense is that the message we share, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE. I know that without any doubt.

Having the opportunity to share this message with the people of Colorado has been the absolute best thing of my life. It is literally the happiest I have ever been.

I love and miss ALL of you, so much! And I really do hope that all is well with you. Go out and be missionaries yourselves. And remember to #ShareTheGift because celebrating Jesus Christ is what we need to be doing all the time!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful mission Christmas. It was always fun for me.