Monday, June 29, 2015

"if the mountain doesn't come to you, you go to the mountain." -Myrna

Well friends and family, 

I am LITERALLY scrambling for time right now! Today we went and hiked Hanging Lake and as a result, we're on a serious time crunch right now! :/ 

But know that this week was fabulous. Sister Moody and I have been doing such great work together. I'm grateful that she's my companion. She's teaching me SO much! 

Salvador came to church yesterday! :D It was the best. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday where we had to translate. And we're AWFUL at translating. I made Sister Moody do it, and Salvador and I laughed at her. Hahahaha. Kind of mean. But also great. Because it was hilarious. But it was such a miracle that he came to church! We had a lesson with him on Saturday, and we asked him if we were going to see him at church tomorrow. He said "" Basically my soul was crushed. Then he laughed and said he was just kidding. He's a punk, guys. Haha. 

I love and miss you all tons! Have a great week! 

Con amor,
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

Monday, June 22, 2015

"I accidentally winked at Elder Serrano the other day..."

Monday, June 15, 2015


-....I don't know why this happened...but you can have a copy of it. :) 

-I'm a Mexican superhero :)
Bubble drinks :)

Pikachu hat! :)

wW recreated a picture from a pamphlet. :) #mybeautifulfamily #serranopikulaharperPARASIEMPRE

Because I hit my 9 month mark. (Sorry it's late)

Sometimes you accidentally leave your zone without permission... #astleastitwasntthemissionagain

My lovely family and friends.

This week was slightly more normal than the last few weeks. But it hasn't been normal, that's for sure. I don't even know where I want to start with this week. 

I guess we'll start out with transfer news: I am staying in Eagle for another transfer! :) I basically cried of happiness! My companion, Sister Bauer, is going to be transferred. So we're still going strong with the whole only-have-a-companion-for-one-transfer thing. I might be a problem, friends. ;) Along those same lines, I never get a district leader for more than a transfer either. Basically I just ruin everyone around me. The struggle is real! 

This week we had another trip to Denver. The last one, thank goodness. Master has given Sister Harper a sock! Sister Harper is FREEEEE! My sentiments. I'm grateful that I'll be able to get to normalcy again. Sing praises. 

So, I just wanted to tell you all about a miracle that we had this week. 

A week or two back, we found the most wonderful investigator ever. His name is Salvador. We put him on date the first lesson, and he was just way too cool. So this Friday, we had an appointment set up to do a church tour with him. Unfortunately he had to cancel, because he was still working. So we set one up for Saturday. Saturday morning, we were in contact with him and confirmed that we were still good to have the church tour. He said yes and that he was going to bring a friend. So we got everything set up, and he texted us right at the time he was supposed to be there, telling us that his friend was unable to come and he couldn't come either. We asked him if it would be okay to have some friends come pick him up. He said he wanted to talk to us first. So, naturally, we start panicking. Natural response. We prayed the entire drive to his apartment, and we had the members we brought with us follow and wait in the parking lot. So Salvador was talking to us, and he was trying to drop us. He told us that he'd already been baptized and he didn't want to waste our time. So we started asking him some questions. We found out that he had read the pamphlet about the message of the restoration, but hadn't prayed to know if it was true. We felt inspired to have him say a prayer right then. So we stood there in silence for about 20 minutes, after explaining how to pray and reassuring him that he could do it. Then I told him I could say an example prayer if he would say one after me. He eventually did pray. It was SUCH a beautiful prayer, the Spirit was so strong. So we asked him how he was feeling. He said he felt peaceful and tranquil and happy. We testified to him that it was the Holy Spirit testifying to him that the message is true. He told us that he believes that God loves him and sent us to knock on his door for a reason. Then we did end up having the church tour. And Salvador was ALREADY friends with the member that we had brought with us. :) The church tour was amazing. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to come to church yesterday. Something came up. But he did come to our English class. And we set up another time to be able to come talk to him more about this message. He is so excited to be learning more. And I am so excited to be helping him in this journey. 

Another thing I had an overwhelming realization of this week is that.....the purpose of life is to be happy. That's all God wants for us, is to be happy. But not only now. In the eternities as well. Sometimes, it's such a weird thing to realize that God wants me to be happy. But that's it. That's what He wants for me. He loves us all so much more than we could ever imagine. And because He loves us and wants us to be happy, he sent Jesus Christ to the earth, to be our Savior. To atone for our sins. To suffer all of our pains, weaknesses, and sadness. I am so grateful for the atonement. For the knowledge I have of our Savior. For the knowledge I have of His love for me individually. The atonement is real. And it is through the atonement that we can have happiness today, and in the eternities. 

I love you all so much. I hope you have a fantastic week. 
Con amor,
Hermana Sherilyn Harper 

-Sister Bauer and I.. :) I'm going to miss her. 

Because this is the photo that describes our companionship. :) 

Actually not really. 

It's just one of my favorites. :)

Monday, June 8, 2015

"You look like a Mexican superhero!"

...that's me, by the way. I'm the Mexican superhero. Too bad I'm so white. And tall. 


This week was...
...insane. Yep. To sum it up in one word. 

BASICALLY I was never in my area. Because we did SO much driving and had SO many meetings. It was crazy. So basically, that's all we did this week was drive. Do special musical numbers. And drive some more. 

On Tuesday we had Sisters Conference in Rifle. Which meant we spent 2 hours in the car. BUT. It also meant that I got to see my lovely Sister Chandler again! :) We sang a duet and it made me really happy! :) 

On Wednesday, we had specialized trainings. In rifle. Two more hours in a car.  We got Herbert. Herbert is a little black box that is installed in our cars that tells us when we're bad drivers. And it tells President Murdock, too. So that, you know, he can take away our driving privileges and stuff. But it's okay. Because I'm an excellent driver. Other news from Wednesday is that I got to see Chandler again! :) And I also got to see my old district leaders, Elder Clubb and Elder LeCheminant! HOORAY! And I almost killed my current district leader (not really) because he was supposed to do a special musical number with me, but he flaked. So I did the same musical number I'd done the day before with Sister Chandler. 

On Thursday, we went to Glenwood, which put us in the car for about another hour. Our car battery died. But thank goodness Brother Abbott loves us and left work to come help us get everything all figured out. :) So we went to Glenwood when our car was fixed, and we had district meeting. I got to talk in a British accent the entire time. Everyone was impressed. That's right. I have a great British accent. I'm sure all of my practice with mi mami really helped. Thanks, Sis Arnold...or...Liz. ;) 

On Friday, we did exchanges so that my oh so lovely companion Sister Bauer could stay in Eagle and get some work done while I took a road trip to Denver. Always an exciting adventure. We went to the mission office briefly and we saw President there. So that was exciting. Transfer board nonsense. YES. Also, 5 more hours in the car. 

On Saturday, I sang another musical number at a primary baptism. The baptism was SO beautiful! :) And I celebrated my birthday with Sarah and Lori a little bit late. Lori was SO mad that I hadn't told her about my birthday. So she made up for it by getting me chocolate cake and the softest blanket of my life. :) She is the best. I love her lots. 

And yesterday wasn't anything too exciting. 

Basically this week I've eaten so many brownies. And that's the most exciting news. 

So rundown: 
-Ate brownies 
-Spent 10+ hours in a car 
-Didn't die or go crazy 

I'd say that's a pretty successful week. ;) 

This week should be a bit calmer. Only will have to spend about 6 hours in the car for meetings/nonsense. We're getting transfer calls this weekend. Which means that transfers are next week! 

So if you have any mail that you would like to send to me, please send it to the mission office! 

Sister Sherilyn Harper
999 E Tufts Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113 

Have a great week. I love and miss you all. 

Con amor,
hermana sherilyn harper 

p.s. please enjoy this picture of Chandzy and I! :) 
Cake Smash! :P

Monday, June 1, 2015

"I'm very territorial. If I were an animal, I would rub my scent all over you."

This week was insane. It was so crazy. And somehow, we were still able to get work done. Thank goodness.

Monday: We drove to Glenwood, we played basketball and volleyball with our district as well as with a few less-active members and investigators. It was probably some of the most fun I've ever had. It took me back to the good times in Mexico when we would play District/Zone volleyball. :) #homesickfor12C 

Tuesday: We took a road trip to Denver. (Such a long drive!) But it's a really pretty one. It was SO weird being back in Denver. So stinkin' weird. Almost like I'd never left, and almost like I never belonged there. It was weird. So many weird feelings. Anyway, we walked into the mission office, because we decided we might as well get commissary for everyone. The office staff looked at me like I was a ghost. It was hilarious. But it was good. We also got free lunch! Some guy just paid for us, and we taught him about the Atonement. It was great. 

Wednesday: We had exchanges. And I had to take another trip to Denver. So I celebrated my 9 month mark in Denver (dream come true!) with Sister Moody. 

Thursday: We had a District Meeting in Glenwood. We exchanged back, and had lunch with the Rifle sisters. It was a good time. 

Friday: We had weekly planning and it was our first day being in Eagle the entire day. So it was nice to be able to get something done. 

Saturday: We drove to Glenwood. Again. I was asked to do a special musical number for a meeting we're having this week. So I volunteered Elder Pikula to sing with me. So we had to go practice. And it's going to be fantastic. I'm really excited. 

Sunday: We decided to go see a recent convert that we hadn't seen in a while. (She went to Mexico. I think she told us beforehand, but there's too much stuff in my head all the time, I can't keep it all straight.) So we went to see her. While we were there talking with her, Hermana Flores showed up! It was so happy! So I got to see her and hug her! And I met her mom! :) Yay for meeting people's parents! Her mom is SUCH a cutie! 

So there was my week. It was crazy and it somehow all ended up working out okay. This week is going to be another crazy one. 

I love you all! And I miss you! 

Con amor,
hermana sherilyn harper