Monday, January 5, 2015

True Chains

Buenos dias! 

This week has basically been the craziest week of my entire life, and I don't even have very much time to write about it! Lo siento. Maybe I can write more about it next week. 

So on Monday night we got a text from our Zone Leaders telling us that transfers would be postponed until Thursday because of bad weather. So Sister Arnold and I got two extra days together. But it was weird. Tuesday was an awkward day, because Sister Arnold WASN'T supposed to be with me, but she still was. Both of us were so mentally prepared for it to be done and was a lie. Ha. But it was good. We had a really great last couple of days together. So much laughter. On Wednesday, we had to have one of the greenies tag along with us so that she wouldn't be stuck in the mission home all day, again. So that was weird. Then on Thursday we had transfers! Sister Arnold left me to go to Glenwood Springs, and I'm still here with Sister Noakes. She's great. She's dying (going home) at the end of this transfer. Soo. I'm a killer now. ;) But not yet, officially. Not until February 10. I think. Anyway. So I was companions with Sister Eldredge for all day on Thursday, and we had to kick some family out of an apartment. And I will tell you this story next week, because it's crazy and I don't have enough time. The transfer train was supposed to get here at 6:15, but didn't actually get here until 8:30. It was so cold and snowing. So we all had a snowball fight. :) It was awesome. Except everyone kept ganging up on the Spanish missionaries. But it was hilarious. So great. My new comp. is a Sister Training Leader, so she had MLC's on Friday, so I didn't get to be with her again. Was with Sister Eldredge. Basically she's my companion and I'm a south-sider now. #false #butalsonot On Saturday we had to weekly plan because we couldn't on Friday. And then it was Sunday, and I got trapped in an apartment because the STLs need to get together to plan things. And now it's Monday. Sorry I can't even fully explain the weirdness that was this week. Next week, I got you. 

This morning, Sister Eldredge and I had a super great companionship study, because our real companions had STL things to do. Soo. Yeah. That's a thing. But we talked a lot about Nephi, from 1st Nephi. And how awesome he is. One thing that we talked a lot about was how specific prayers get specific answers. And there's so many great stories about that in 1 Nephi. Go read them. Also, one thing that I really love about Nephi is that he doesn't pray to have the Lord take away his trials. He asks for the strength to endure them. We have our own trials for a reason. We need to learn and grow for them. And if we're asking the Lord to take them away, we aren't going to learn anything. Pero, if we ask for the strength to endure our trials, we will get that strength and we will learn and grow so much. 

Words can't express how much I love you all. I pray for you always. And really, I promise next week's email will be better. Also, will have pictures. :) 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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