Monday, November 2, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 24:8

Pumpkin Smashing Crew <3
I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! 
Hermana Chavez and I certainly did! 
We had our branch activity on Friday night, but it was combined with the two English wards that also meet in our building. There were SO MANY PEOPLE! And we had a bunch of people show up as well! Jose, Teodoro, la familia Moreno, some random lady we tracted into and all of her family, and Chelsey and her girls! It was awesome! We had a really good time. 
On actual Halloween, we were going to carve pumpkins with Jose. BUT he flaked on us. I was really sad. But it was okay, because we did something even better with them. We went to see la familia Rodriguez (loves of my life, basically) and we decided that we would go smash all of the pumpkins we had with Luis and Kevin. Their mom, Noemi, came with us and was taking pictures and videos of our pumpkin smashing adventures. It was so much fun. Who knew that throwing pumpkins on the ground with a couple of teenage boys would be so fun? 
The rest of the week was kind of strange. Pobrecita Hermana Chavez got sick. And then I was not too well myself. So we rode the struggle bus this week. But it all worked out anyway. 
Today, the Montrose Zone is starting sacrifices. No one would agree on anything, so we're all doing companionship sacrifices. 
Hermana Chavez and I are sacrificing listening to music for the month of November. It's going to KILL ME. But it's worth it. Because we're sacrificing for great reasons. Like bringing souls unto Christ. :) 
This week will be the only normalish, kind of slow week for the whole transfer. And then after that, it's picking up and going CRAZY. So many meetings. But I'm excited for all of them. 
Life is great! I hope you all know how much I love and miss you! 
Con amor,
hermana sherilyn harper 
P.S. I don't really have a funny quote from the week. Because the one that was really funny, you would just have to hear my wonderful Mexican companion say it. We were talking about my middle name (Elyse) and how it's supposed to be pronounced vs. how we actually pronounce it. And she said, 
"At least you could write it Alyse." It was too funny. And I'm sorry you can't hear how she said it. :(
That awkward moment their is a heart in your driveway...

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