Monday, January 12, 2015

I Left My Mission...

TWICE! But don't worry. It's okay, because I had permission. :) 
Zuni District
The first time I left, it was to see DAVID A. BEDNAR. Boom. That was way awesome. Really. There are NO words to describe how amazing it was. He's HILARIOUS. My favorite thing that he told us was, "And some of you need to learn that you just need to be good, not perfect. And be happy." Because THAT is what life is about, is being happy and progressing! Also, there's one thing that a wonderful sister missionary told us, "Perfection is progression." So. Just try to be better every single day, and just be happy. 

Lakewood Zone

The second time I left my mission was to go visit the daughter of a recent convert in the hospital. But don't worry, she's okay! All is well! 

There was a lot of stuff that happened this week. 

Sister Noakes and I with BYU Ice Cream
On Wednesday we went to the temple! It was awesome, as always. No one from my district showed up though. Because the roads were bad, I guess? They weren't at all bad for us though. After, we went to Deseret Book. Fun fact: They sell BYU Creamery Ice Cream. So. Happy. And because Sister

Noakes and I both always talk about how much we miss BYU, we bought some. And it was the best. 

Okay, let's be real. My entire district is here emailing right now. And I cannot for the life of me focus. So I'm just going to picture overload all of you! :) 

I hope all of you have a happy week! :) 

Our view of Denver from our Church Building :)

I love and miss all of you a ton! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

Montana. :) mi amor

Sister Ulberg and I at the temple :)

Sister Noakes with our ridiculous hats :)

My district from last transfer: awkward gap

Less awkward gap


  1. I like those boots!! And I want them. Although Denver is a better place to wear them and here is without snow.

  2. That second sentence made absolutely no sense. Chalk it up to my being just out of bed.