Monday, January 26, 2015

“If That Man Were an Animal, He’d Be a Wolf.”

For any and all who are confused about the titles of my emails, they're just funny quotes that have happened throughout the week. For example, this week is a quote by Elder Marin about our investigator that came to church. So there's that. 

And on that note: HELLO! This week has been so great! And I hope it has been for all of you, as well! 

Our investigator family (Juan y ninos) all passed their baptismal interviews yesterday! We're having four baptisms next week!! We are more excited than you could possibly imagine. I love this family SO much. :) Next week will be the best thing ever. 

A lot of really great things happened this week.We met lots of hilarious people. 
Yellow Cardigans
-Ruth: Evidently she's a homie (we had to pass her off, but the Elders that are teaching her now LOVE her.) She's great. Her husband was super anti-Mormon, and was asking us all sorts of questions. Ruth yelled at him and told him, "You're asking them the WRONG questions! They're youngsters, they don't know about that stuff!" 
-Brandon: Hilarious. Possibly polygamist (we're a little confused). Told us, "You just gotta let the trees be the trees, ya know? The lions be the lions." I still don't really know what that means. But he was funny.
Lots of other hilarious people, too. 
My favorite children in the world. :)

Other wonderful things that happened this week:
-Zuni Snowball Fight after District Meeting. SO FUN. 
-Salsa Contest with missionaries as judges. (Everybody won -- elementary school style.) 
i.e. Mi familia Mexicana!
-I taught a 12 year old how to waltz. :) 

I'd like to apologize for the fact that these emails are always so tiny. There's always so much that happens, and really I can't ever remember all of what happens. The weeks feel so long, because there's so much that happens. It's such a weird phenomenon. The missionary time warp. It's real. 

This morning, I read a talk from the last General Conference about Joseph Smith. And my favorite part of that talk is the very end when there is a challenge extended to all of the youth (slash really everyone) to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith. And really, all of that comes back to the Book of Mormon. If we read and pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true, we're GOING to receive an answer. Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers from God. And we will receive that answer if we have real intent, we really want to know that it's true, and we'll live according to the answer that we get. And knowing that the Book of Mormon is true, means knowing that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet, and that the church of Jesus Christ really is in the world today. Listen. I KNOW with all of my heart that all of these things are true. But you can't just take my word for it. You need to find out for yourselves. So. Take that for what it's worth. 

I love all of you so much! And I miss you! 

Con mucho, MUCHO amor,
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

"Almost-Comp Unity" because Sister Eldredge and I just happen to be so in-tune with each other that we just match.

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