Monday, October 12, 2015

Moroni 10:32

Sister Murdock and I
Friends and family, 
The library I'm sitting in smells like weed. Welcome to Colorado. 
We had a really good week this week. Hermana Chavez and I have so much fun together. 
This Tuesday, I got to celebrate my "one year of being in Colorado" by having a Zone Conference! So I took a picture with my mission president's wife and with the out west assistants since they were both in my first district. :) 
We saw a really cool miracle this week! Hermana Chavez and I had decided that we were going to go tract on one street while we were planning the night before. When we got to that street, we both felt so wrong about it. So we said a prayer asking what we were supposed to do. Hermana Chavez suggested that we go try this one referral we had received a while back. So we did that. And we found the referral we were looking for! Not only did we find her, but we found out that she's a former investigator who really wanted to get baptized. And her sons are all members! We're really excited to start teaching her! 
Transfers are next week. Hermana Chavez and I have no idea what's going to happen. But I have been in the streak of having a new companion every transfer. So we'll see how that goes. 
To be safe, please send mail to the mission office! 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper
999 East Tufts Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
I love and miss you all! 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper 
The funny quote of the week: (about my back/neck/head pain and me enduring it to go through lessons)
The Beatles Bus. :) <3
"Like, I don't know if it's healthy, but I like that you have that faith!" -Hermana Chavez, the Mexican who can't make quesadillas, probably because she's not a real Mexican. ;)

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