Monday, October 5, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 64:33-34

Friends and family,
This week was fabulous! You should all know that...
I DANG LOVE MONTROSE! :) That's pretty much all. It's great here.
This week, we had exchanges. And I stayed in Montrose with Sister Davis! And, everyone, I did NOT get lost ONCE! :) Or multiple times, even. I just did a-okay. :) we had a pretty successful day and everything. It's always a little bit nerve-wracking to take over an area, even if it's only for 24 hours, but it's nice to just do it and get it over with! And I did it. So I could do it whatever! It's all good! But, we did morning exchanges. SO we had to wake up REALLY early to go meet at Delta by 6:45. Lame. SO I was EXHAUSTED. But it's all good in the hood! Goal: Take a nap today.
By the time exchanges were over, I was SO excited to be back with Hermana Chavez! :) Sometimes exchanges help you realize how much you love your companion. :)
Conference was
I loved it. SO much!
I hope you all watched it. If you didn't, go watch it. Because it's so worth it.
We were invited to "ponderize" a scripture every week. I'm totally doing it. All of you should, too!
My scripture of the week is the subject line of my email. That's probably just what I'll do for the rest of my mission. :) And of course I have to have a funny quote, so I'll end my emails with that instead. :)
Okay. I love and miss you all. I really just don't have too much to say today. I have Zone Conference tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it! :) Because tomorrow is exactly a year since I arrived in Colorado. :) So I'm totally taking a picture with President and Sister Murdock to celebrate the occasion! :)
--Hna Chavez in our awesome matching pajamas. :) Be jealous
Have a great week.
Keep on truckin' for Jesus.

Hermana Sherilyn Harper

"I remember this one day in Mexico...they're cruel over there! They're like animals!" -Hna Chavez

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