Monday, August 10, 2015

"Prozac is for heart burn, right?"

Well friends and family, 

This week was crazy. But it was the good kind of crazy. :) 

Hermana Salazar and I are slowly getting used to Glenwood Springs. We still don't have too many investigators. The one super solid investigator that the other sisters had, Blanca, is starting to ignore us. And that breaks my dang heart! 

We've been doing a lot of work with less-actives though, which I love. We've been forming such awesome relationships with them. And 6 of them came to church this Sunday! 
-Nola and Jazi
-Ana and Carlos 
-The Hurtados 

I've been getting TONS of compliments on my Spanish lately, which is basically the happiest thing of my life! :) There's this one family that thought I was from Argentina. (Promise that they meant it in a complimenting way.) 

I went to the doctor on Thursday, to see if anything was wrong with me because I've passed out twice. Guess what? NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME! So it was a waste of time. And money. But it made our mission nurse happy. So there's that! Also that's where the quote comes from, about prozac. Because sometimes nurses say REALLY stupid things, haha. 

We had a zone meeting on Saturday, so I got to be reunited with my favorite people! Hermana Bauer, Elder Bang, Elder LeCheminant, Hermana Bittle, and of course my latest companion Hermana Moody. So that was great. :) It was a super good zone meeting, actually. Learned a lot. Felt super inspired. Plus we ate really great pizza afterwards. And I got to meet ALEJANDRO! Hermana Salazar's investigator from Silt! He's awesome! :) 

Hermana Salazar and I are getting along entirely too well. It's a problem. But not really. Because we have SO MUCH FUN! :) And we are literally the most adorable companionship EVER! 
Hope you all have a great week. 
Know that I love and miss you. 

Con amor,
hermana sherilyn harper 

Glen Wood Springs is pretty :)

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