Monday, May 18, 2015

"Love is spelled F-O-O-D." -Elder Pikula

This week was a crazy week. Because, well, they all are, aren't they? Answer: Yes. 

I had the opportunity to spend Wednesday with the wonderful Hermana Salazar. Guys. She's my favorite! :) I'm like seriously praying that we get to be companions one day. Because we just get work done! She's a boss. I love her! 

I can't even really think of anything SUPER exciting that happened this week that y'all would be interested in. 

Basically all Sister Bauer and I do is knock on doors. All day long. But it's okay. :) Because I think it's a good time. We didn't have too much success with that this week, BUT we did find two super awesome new investigators. A mom and a daughter. They were the last door we knocked during our 3 hours of knocking. And the daughter is SUPER prepared! I'm so excited to work with her and get to know her better. 

One of my favorite people here, Brother Abbot continues to be the best! He took the sacrament last week for the first time in a reaaaaaaaaally long time. So I was really proud of him. :) And we visit him and he just is awesome. He talks to us a lot about his mission, and it makes me really happy. He loved his mission. :) 

Things are going much better in my new companionship than I anticipated. We're having a good time. 

This week, we have interviews with President. On my birthday. So that's...something. haha. I'm in denial that my birthday is here. I refuse to turn 20, everybody. I won't do it. 

I don't have too much more time. But know that I love and miss you all a lot. 

Con amor,
hermana sherilyn harper 

p.s. enjoy a picture of me and my favorite child here! and the mystery machine, because I'm pretty sure I never sent that one! 

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