Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"I want to be a Pokemon trainer." "I'm pretty sure you can go to college for that."

And such is the geekery that is in my District. I love it. :) 

This week was long....and so short....and lasted forever....and flew by. Just like normal. 

This week started out really rough, actually. I was having a really, really hard time. But now all is well. We saw TONS of miracles on Saturday and Sunday. Probably because we worked our guts out. It was the best ever. 

So, basically, I just want to talk about my new favorite person IN THE WHOLE WORLD! His name is Luis, and he's the greatest. He's our investigator that we just put on date. We found him while we were tracting and he is RIDICULOUSLY prepared! He wants so badly to change his life. He is amazing. I just want EVERYONE to know him. That's how great I think he is. We had the privilege of seeing him 3 times yesterday. Once when he came to church. Next when we taught him lesson one and put him on date. And last when he came to a baptism right after we put him on date. After the baptism, there was a struggle to get the plug out of the font. So we were all trying to help. But it was hard. So I turned to Luis and asked him if he wanted to get baptized right then? So we joked about it a bit. But he's so ready. Elder Bang heard me say that to Luis, and he later informed me that we had found the most solid investigator ever. Also, when he came to church and the baptism, he was wearing a suit. He is going to be a beautiful member! I love him SO MUCH! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Read the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes every day! It will completely change your life, I promise! 

Con amor,
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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