Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Everybody Laughs When You Get a Concussion....

Our beautiful District. I love these missionaries. So much.

Hi friends and family, 

Because I didn't have a funny quote to title this email..you just all get to know that I've been laughed at all week. Because. Yes. I have a concussion. And everybody just laughs at me when they hear the story. And because I literally have nothing else that I could write about this week, y'all get to hear my concussion story. 

I'm just going to make it really short, because. I'm so done with this story. 
I fell down the stairs. I hit my head on the wall. Concussion. 

Everybody keeps laughing at me. And, I suppose I deserve it. Because... Who does that? Well. Sister Harper does. 

Elder Marin and the Harry Potter planner he made for me. :) 
So I've been instructed by a doctor to rest. And I'm finally able to start working again tonight! Thank goodness. The whole resting thing was MISERABLE. 

The good news is though: Elder Marin made me a Harry Potter planner, because he felt really bad. For some reason, the Elders think that my concussion is their fault. Also, Elder Marin and Elder Bang both thought I was going to have to go home due to medical reasons. Haha. Nope. But I got a milkshake and a planner out of it. Thanks, Elder Marin. 

So transfers are tomorrow. My lovely companion Sister Noakes is going home. :( I'm so grateful that I got to have her as my companion for 6 short weeks. 

BUT. This next transfer, I'll be follow-up training a Sister. That just means she's been in the field for 6 weeks, and needs the last 6 weeks of training. SO I'll be doing that. I'm really excited! SO excited to know who my step-daughter is going to be! Also. Elder LeCheminant is going to be our new District Leader. And I am SO excited. It's going to be a fantastic transfer! 

Sister Noakes
Okay, I love and miss you all! 
Don't fall down any stairs! 
Con amor,
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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  1. Is Elder LeCheminant from Mesa? There's a family here in my stake with that name.