Friday, November 14, 2014

My Name is Hope

Familia y amigos,

This week. Well. It was a great week. But I don't actually remember a lot of what happened...probably because I am obscenely exhausted.

Last Monday, Sister Arnold decorated our apartment for Christmas.. Which, you know, I'm not super excited about, because it's not past Thanksgiving. But such is life. Our apartment is all festive and whatnot. So that's that.

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference, the Zuni Sisters sang and then two random elders sang with us. Everyone said that it sounded good. So that was fun. Zone Conference itself was good. I learned a lot of good stuff. :)

On Wednesday we went to the temple! Because we go the first Wednesday of every month when we're serving in the metro area. So I'm super glad I'm serving here right now so that I can go to the temple. The Denver temple is BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much. Then Sister Arnold and I went to Deseret Book afterwards, which is always fun.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are all really a blur. Missionary life. One night though, we came home and our apartment complex smelled like weed. So that's fun.

Sunday though. Man, Sunday was a good day! We had an investigator come to church! :) Carolina. The sisters here have been teaching her for a bit before I got here, and evidently she was super set in her ways. Didn't want to ever give up her Saints. BUT. We taught her this past week, and she's been reading in the Book of Mormon and she said the closing prayer, and it was such a beautiful prayer. And then she came to church yesterday. :) She's progressing so well, and I am so, so happy! She's so amazing! Also, the Elders in our area handed off one of their investigators to us (because she's a 19 year old girl), but the four of us went to teach her yesterday. Guys. This girl is so solid! She's reading, and praying, and she knows that what we're saying is true. She is GOLDEN. I am so excited to see her progress. I LOVE THE PEOPLE THAT WE TEACH!

Denver, Colorado. What a great place to be.

One thing that I've decided is really important for you all to know is that: I've been speaking in a British accent for a few days now. Sister Arnold and I decided on Friday that we should do companionship inventory in a British accent, because she HATES comp. inventory. So we decided if we did it in a British accent it would be a whole lot less painful for her. So, then somehow we ended up deciding that we would speak in a British accent for a week. And it's been fun.

Also, I'm sure you're wondering about the subject line. And I now inform you that it is really mostly an inside joke between the Zuni District. There's this song called My Name Is Hope, and it's really, really dramatic and funny. So great. But there's this really great piano/violin/flute instrumental in the middle of it. Basically, we all make videos of ourselves playing air instruments to this part. It's really funny, and now I realize that it sounds really dumb. But missionaries have to get creative to keep life interesting, okay?

This is the last week of the transfers! That's crazy. President told us at Zone Conference that he doesn't know what's going to happen to our district. So I'm nervous. Because this district is so great. I love it so much. But all shall be well. Zuni District will always be great.

I hope everyone is having a great week, continues to have a great week, and is so happy! Also reading their scriptures all the time. :) The Book of Mormon is the best.

I love and miss all of you obscene amounts!

Con amor,
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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