Thursday, September 25, 2014

Did You Miss Me?

¡Hola familia y amigos! 

The District
I have been en el CCM for a month. Una mes. WHAT?! Actually, I mean, it isn't technically a month yet. BUT this is my fourth P-Day and my calendar says Week 5, so there is that for you. Just let that roll around in your heads for a minute. 17 more months. This time is going by so fast, I can't handle it. 

Last night, my best friend Hermana Sierra Brooks left the CCM. She went to go dominate the world in Seattle. I am so ridiculously proud of her. She will be the most amazing missionary that Seattle has seen. 

When I write out this email, I always have a really hard time knowing what to write. Because my weeks end up being such a blur. The days are so long, and the weeks are so fast. "The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days." That, my friends, is the gospel truth. (I hope you all sang that in your heads like the muses from Hercules. If you didn't, please do so now. Muchas gracias.) So I'm sorry if these emails, which are actually blog posts, aren't boring. It's hard en el CCM, because basically every day feels the same, más o menos. Which is great. I'm so, so happy here. But it's hard, because then I don't know what to write about. 

What I really would love to do at this point in time, is express to all of you how much I love my district and how perfect I think it is. But I don't have the time to write out why I love all of them so much. But I want you all to know that my district is my favorite. They are my family here. We have the best bond. I love them more and more every day, and I swear that my heart has no more room for any love and it somehow keeps expanding. That's just how it is period here. My heart feels like it's going to explode. 
Hermana Chandler

I just had to meet with my Branch Presidente, and he asked me if I was having any problems with anything, specifically my district. And I think I straight up told him, "The only thing is that I feel like my heart is going to explode every day, because I love everyone so much." He laughed at me, I think it's because he thinks white people are weird, and told me that it was good. 

So I guess that's what I want to tell you all today. Love. Love is so important. It's what gets you through hard times. It's what pushes you to be a better person (missionary.) It is basically what makes everything right in the world. And as a missionary, I get told cada día how important it is to love everyone. Love those you serve. Love those you serve with. Love the people that make it hard to love them. Love. Everyone. 

I love you all so much, and pray for you all the time. 

Hermana Sherilyn Harper 

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