Thursday, October 2, 2014

Love and be Loved

¡Hola familia y amigos! 

The District
Crazy news: This is my last week in Mexico! At this time next week, I shall be in Colorado. :) And I am feeling all of the feels. I'm so excited and so terrified and so sad and so happy and so everything really. I feel all things and I feel all of them deeply. The struggle is real, guys. Entonces, this last week is going to be crazy. Because I'm leaving so early on Monday, I only have two more days of classes left. So that's weird. I'm going to miss my teachers a lot. Because I have had the best teachers. :) And let's just not even talk about how much I'm going to miss my District. Because it's slightly obscene how much I'm going to miss them. 

Anyway, I got to leave the CCM today. :) We went to visit the Mexico City Temple. Unfortunately, we did not get to go in. Because it is currently closed for construction. But we went through the Visitor's Center, which is ridiculously beautiful. (The temple is also beautiful, But I have no idea how the inside is, because...I didn't get to go in.) But it was so much fun. I loved it so much. After our little tour we got to go to a little bookstore right next to it. So I have super great scripture cases for my Spanish scriptures now. (Guys, this is really important to note, because Spanish scriptures are taller than English ones, it's the weirdest thing. So normal scripture cases don't fit on them.) And I got some really great shirts that are made by native people. But since I didn't get to go IN the temple, I'm just going to have to come back to go in. Good thing I have a friend in Mexico. Pamela - you got me here? We're taking a Mexico excursion so I can go through the temple here. Okay. As you were, team. 

I don't even know what else to say to you all right now. Being on a mission is the best. I learn so many wonderful things and I have grown and my testimony has grown. I've made so many wonderful friends. So many friends. (Like, when I get back to Provo it's going to be a constant party.) And I have friends to travel to visit. My life has been touched by so many people for the last 5 (and a half-ish) weeks. 

I know that last week I wrote about love, but I feel like we're constantly getting the whole love thing crammed down our throats here. Which is great, I love it so much. But one part that I didn't really write about was opening yourself up to be loved. Love goes two ways, and you expressing it is so great. But you need to be able to receive love, too. If I hadn't let myself be receptive to love for the last five and a half weeks, I would have been so miserable. Love is something that is so central to this gospel. So. Love and be loved. 

I'm sure there's so much more I could ramble on about. But...I don't really have the time. But know that I love you all so much and you are in my prayers siempre. 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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