Monday, June 8, 2015

"You look like a Mexican superhero!"

...that's me, by the way. I'm the Mexican superhero. Too bad I'm so white. And tall. 


This week was...
...insane. Yep. To sum it up in one word. 

BASICALLY I was never in my area. Because we did SO much driving and had SO many meetings. It was crazy. So basically, that's all we did this week was drive. Do special musical numbers. And drive some more. 

On Tuesday we had Sisters Conference in Rifle. Which meant we spent 2 hours in the car. BUT. It also meant that I got to see my lovely Sister Chandler again! :) We sang a duet and it made me really happy! :) 

On Wednesday, we had specialized trainings. In rifle. Two more hours in a car.  We got Herbert. Herbert is a little black box that is installed in our cars that tells us when we're bad drivers. And it tells President Murdock, too. So that, you know, he can take away our driving privileges and stuff. But it's okay. Because I'm an excellent driver. Other news from Wednesday is that I got to see Chandler again! :) And I also got to see my old district leaders, Elder Clubb and Elder LeCheminant! HOORAY! And I almost killed my current district leader (not really) because he was supposed to do a special musical number with me, but he flaked. So I did the same musical number I'd done the day before with Sister Chandler. 

On Thursday, we went to Glenwood, which put us in the car for about another hour. Our car battery died. But thank goodness Brother Abbott loves us and left work to come help us get everything all figured out. :) So we went to Glenwood when our car was fixed, and we had district meeting. I got to talk in a British accent the entire time. Everyone was impressed. That's right. I have a great British accent. I'm sure all of my practice with mi mami really helped. Thanks, Sis Arnold...or...Liz. ;) 

On Friday, we did exchanges so that my oh so lovely companion Sister Bauer could stay in Eagle and get some work done while I took a road trip to Denver. Always an exciting adventure. We went to the mission office briefly and we saw President there. So that was exciting. Transfer board nonsense. YES. Also, 5 more hours in the car. 

On Saturday, I sang another musical number at a primary baptism. The baptism was SO beautiful! :) And I celebrated my birthday with Sarah and Lori a little bit late. Lori was SO mad that I hadn't told her about my birthday. So she made up for it by getting me chocolate cake and the softest blanket of my life. :) She is the best. I love her lots. 

And yesterday wasn't anything too exciting. 

Basically this week I've eaten so many brownies. And that's the most exciting news. 

So rundown: 
-Ate brownies 
-Spent 10+ hours in a car 
-Didn't die or go crazy 

I'd say that's a pretty successful week. ;) 

This week should be a bit calmer. Only will have to spend about 6 hours in the car for meetings/nonsense. We're getting transfer calls this weekend. Which means that transfers are next week! 

So if you have any mail that you would like to send to me, please send it to the mission office! 

Sister Sherilyn Harper
999 E Tufts Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113 

Have a great week. I love and miss you all. 

Con amor,
hermana sherilyn harper 

p.s. please enjoy this picture of Chandzy and I! :) 
Cake Smash! :P

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