Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Would be Lamanites...

"....but they don't wear very much clothing." -Sister Arnold
Well, my darlings, this week has been pretty good I think. Everything kind of blurs together and I basically never have any idea what happened. Okay, no, this week actually has been really good.
So, I'm going to start by talking about this one investigator we have. Because she is so great. Oh my goodness, I love her SO much! So, we've only taught her a few times. I've only taught her twice. She kind of disappeared off the face of the earth for a while, because her phone is broken (it's really super complicated, but basically she has no way to communicate with anyone.) Sister Arnold and I thought she might have had her baby, because she's super pregnant. (It turns out she still has two months more to go, so thank goodness that wasn't the case.) So we hadn't talked to her in like a week and a half. BUT! When we finally are able to have a lesson with her again, she tells us all about how she's getting MARRIED! We haven't ever said anything to her about getting married, so we feel like this is a huuuge step. Also, she keeps talking about how she wants her mom and her fiance to be accepting and understanding and how she wants them eventually to accept our message as well. So. Sister Arnold and I feel REALLY strongly that she's going to be baptized. And I am so excited, because she is so lovely. I love her SO much. She has the most beautiful light in her eyes. She would make the best member. Also, she loves the Book of Mormon. A lot. She's so great.
We got dropped by one of our investigators this week. (And then he came to church on Sunday, but we're still dropped....) Anyway, that was really hard. I love Jaime so much, and it's so hard to know that now is just not his time. We thought it could have been. But someday, he'll know. And everything will be well then.
I sang in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! That went really well. The thing is...no one in the ward that I'm in can sing. I think it's really adorable. But they were all really impressed with me. And it made me so happy. :) But then I got chastised by the "Ward Music Chairman" which I did not know was a thing...but apparently it is. So he came up and was...well not yelling, because we were in church, but having this really frank discussion with me about how I'm supposed to tell him because he needs to approve of the musical number and blah blah blah. He talked to me about this for like 20 minutes, saying the same things over and over. The thing is though. Nobody told us that we had to do anything. This was a special sacrament meeting that the missionaries planed entirely. The Bishop told us that we were to plan it, and that he really wanted a musical number to happen. So we explained that to him, and he yelled more at me about how I should have called him. Which I'm not sure how I was supposed to do that if I didn't even know he existed. But that was fun. Got chastised a few times by him throughout the three hours of church. But all is well! Because now I know.
So, we serve every week at this place called the Action Center. Basically what we do is sort through bins of food and then it is given to people who need it. So it's a really cool place. And they listen to the best radio station. (I have a really hard time with it, because it's my kind of music and I miss listening to my music when I am there.) Anyway. They listen to the best radio station and it was ridiculously solid today. One day there was Carryon My Wayward Son by Kansas; Your Song by Elton John; You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates.. Another day they played Piano Man by Billy Joel. Sometimes they play The Beatles. And man. It's just so good. Get some Whitney Houston going sometimes. So much happy. Anyway. The one day that they played Carryon My Wayward Son it was stuck in my head ALL the day long. My guitar lesson days were coming back to me and I was getting some really good air guitar going on. I miss my guitar. And my brother's guitar that really I'm stealing when I get home. Anywayy. Enough about that.
Mmm... Oh! There was a baptism yesterday, and it was so beautiful. The Spirit was so, so strong. It was amazing. I loved it so much.
I'm getting really sick of everyone just assuming that because I can sing I know how to lead music. But it's fine. I just feel a little bit like Elder Heiner in the CCM. All is well, all is well.
I feel like I should have lots of other things to tell you all about... But I have no idea what those things would be.

That's a lie. Okay. Guys. Colorado is broken! There are record breaking high temperatures right now. It's basically been 85+ all week. It's almost November. And today, it's 42 I think. Sooo...someone needs to fix Colorado, because basically fall is not a thing that is happening.
Oh, one more story. Ah, my companions always get hit on and I think it's so, so funny! We were tracting one day, in the 90 degree weather, and Sister Arnold was just grumpy. And this one guy walks up to us, and we have the following conversation:
Random Guy: Hey, I was just wondering if you girls know where I could get a joint?
S Arnold: Nope, we don't. We're actually missionaries.
RG: Oh okay. I was just wondering where I could get a joint.
SA: Well, we don't know. Sorry.
RG: That's okay. Hey, I was just thinking, you girls are pretty cute. *stares intensely at Sister Arnold* I really love your green.... I mean blue eyes.
SA: Well, thanks. Uhm, we're going to go get in our car now.
*silence until we get halfway across the street*
RG: Hey, I was just thinking..Do you have a boyfriend?
*Arnold throws a frantic/exasperated look at me*
SA: Yep, I do.
RG: Ah, well, that's okay. I was just thinking you're pretty cute chicks. But it's okay, because I just have to get on facebook and text a couple of chicks and...
SA: Okay, here's the thing. We're actually not chicks, we're girls. Chicks are baby chickens.
RG: That's cool, I would hold a baby chicken, too.
And then he said a lot more about chicks, and it was really funny and I was basically dying the entire time. So funny.
Also, sometimes I come home at the end of the day and I smell like weed. Colorado life.
Love and miss every single one of you.
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

P.S. What the what?! It's the 27th which means, it's already been 2 months! How has it already been two months?! Time. Where are you going?!

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