Monday, January 11, 2016

El principio del fin

This is the first day of my last transfer in my mission. Last night, I received my last transfer call. It's probably the weirdest feeling. 
The San Juan Branch is being whitewashed. Hna Chavez is going elsewhere (Steamboat...) to train a new missionary and be in a trio. :) She'll be great. As for me, all we know is that I'm going "east" which could be anywhere, really. President never tells me anything. 
This week has been really stressful. I've done a lot of thinking. A lot of crying. And a lot of praying. I don't foresee this week being any easier, but I'll be sure to keep you posted. 
I wanted to tell you about a funny moment that we had last night. Hna Chavez was wondering when the time is going to change again, because she still hates that it gets so dark so early. We had the following conversation:
Hna C: When is the time going to change again?
Me: Mmmm.... I don't know? I think maybe in March? 
Hna C: No. I think it happens before March. 
Me: Oh. You think it happens in February? 
Hna C: No. I think it happens in April. 
I'm really glad that my companion knows the months of the year. I laughed for a really long time about it. :) And it was good, because I really needed that laugh. 
Life feels weird now. Like it's not real. 
In your last 6 weeks as a missionary, you have the opportunity (by that I mean, you are forced into) to take this class called MyPlan to prepare you to go home and to continue progressing as a Returned Missionary. It freaks me out, but it'll be great. 
This week, MyPlan has invited me to read, study, and ponder my patriarchal blessing. And I would like to extend that invitation to you. It provided me with a few suggestions on how I could make that time be a little more effective. 
-Read your patriarchal blessing and write down your feelings and impressions. 
-Circle the words that describe you. Underline the actions that you should take. 
-Ask yourself, "What does my blessing teach me about the person that God wants me to become?" 
I love and miss you all. 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper