Monday, December 7, 2015

I forgot to pick out a ponderizing scripture this week.... :(

Hi, Friends and Family! This week was a little bit crazy but we had a good time! 
Monday: We helped Alan with his hair again. We saw Eduardo and he's really cool! We taught him the message of the Restoration and he's really receptive to learning more! He even has a desire to serve a mission, so we're excited to keep teaching him! And we saw the Rodriguez, because we had to thank them because they feed us all the time. <3 
Tuesday: Not transfer meeting. (I'd gone to EVERY transfer meeting in my mission until I got transferred to Montrose. Now I never get to go.) But we had Sisters Meeting. Which was good. I gave a training on gratitude, since it was supposed to have happened before Thanksgiving. Oh well. We taught a woman named Amparo, and found the world's tiniest mailbox. I'll attach a picture, because I laughed about it for probably 20 minutes. We taught Jose. And we saw Eduardo again. He wants us to teach him every day. It's great. :) 
Wednesday: Not too much happened during the day. We ate dinner with the Bugarins (I love them!) Hna Bugarin made me her famous Alfredo Roll-ups. They were everything I'd dreamed they would be and more. WE saw the Rodriguez again and started doing mission prep with Luis. :) 
Thursday: First district meeting of the transfer. My district is super weird. But it'll be good. :) I'm excited. We taught Jose again and prepared him for his baptismal interview. And we saw Gloria. She likes Supernatural, too. So we always talk about that. :) 
Friday: We helped the Rodriguez make a TON of tamales for the Christmas activity that happened that night. It was so fun. Another picture will be attached. :) We taught Eduardo again, and then we had the Christmas activity. We went to visit less active families, to take them cookies and invite them to come back to the party with us.:) It was really fun. And we had a really good turn out actually. 
Saturday: We had Jose's baptismal interview. He needs to have another one with the mission presidency, and will probably have to get approval from the First Presidency to get baptized....or wait until he's off probation. Struggles. But he'll get there. We were also in a parade, handing out cards for the new Christmas Video: A SAVIOR IS BORN. It was a ton of fun, and we got to know our district a little better. 
Sunday: Christmas devotional and we taught the Rodriguez family about the Word of Wisdom, which they already understand. They're perfect. 
This week: Luis is starting his mission papers! :) I'm basically partying about this. He's going to be the best missionary! We'll have Zone meeting. 
Other news: Next week, I probably will be emailing on TUESDAY, because we're having a Christmas lunch/party thing on Monday. So I promise that I'm not dead. :) 
Love and miss you all! 
Hermana Sherilyn Harper

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